MedNet Renews Carbon-Neutral Certification and Announces New Sustainability Projects for 2024

2024-JAN-18 | Muenster – MedNet has successfully renewed its carbon-neutral company certificate through Climate Extender, a facilitator for sustainable activities for climate protection. To achieve climate neutrality, internal measures to reduce carbon emissions are taken and the amount that cannot be reduced is compensated for.

The project team had already identified several areas for improvement. In the past, for example, MedNet has switched to suppliers that use green electricity, purchased carbon-neutral equipment, and offered job bikes and home office days. With employees taking home office days, MedNet saved over 30 tonnes of emissions during the evaluation period in comparison to the previous year. The aim for next year is to invest in carbon neutral transport to further offset emissions from freight.

In order to compensate for its caused emissions, MedNet chose to support four climate protection projects aligned with UN sustainable development goals. These include biodiversity conservation in the Amazon, a run-of-river hydroelectric project in Peru, a solar energy plant in India, and a project converting poultry litter into renewable electricity.

Dr. Flotho-Westrup, RA Manager and Project Leader explained why MedNet has chosen these specific projects: “They take climate action but most importantly support the local economy and improve the living conditions for the people on site”.


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