The new MedNet product line offers high-quality arterial and venous introducers. Due to the unique smooth transition from the sheath to the dilator, the introducer provides non-traumatic vascular access. The respective Luer locking dilator ensures a secure connection to the sheath. An optimized valve design ensures immediate leak tightness of the hub and at the same time allows an easy entry of the catheter. The flexible collar with suture tab prevents bending of the sheath. The shaft of the sheath is furnished with an X-ray-contrasting material. The MedNet introducers are available in radial and femoral versions, the radial versions in sizes 5 and 6 French are additionally available with a hydrophilic coating. 

 We also offer venous and arterial introducer sets from Argon. The Argon introducers are also characterized by their high quality and offer a smooth transition from the dilator to the sheath, a flexible collar with a suture tab as well as a siliconized valve and dilator with Luer lock. 

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