Our ergonomically shaped syringes enable a smooth leak-free plunger action. They are made of clear polycarbonate.

For the Colour Coded Syringes  we also offer a BPA-free version with the body made from TritanTM, a copolyester from US-American manufacturer Eastman Chemical that is manufactured without Bisphenol A (BPA). These TritanTM  syringes are also available oil-free. PC and Tritan syringes are available in all the common sizes, configurations and designs. Medication syringes are available in seven different plunger colors and in sizes from 1ml to 30ml, optionally with medication names printed directly on the syringe.

Angiography syringes are available in sizes 8, 10 and 12 ml with Luer Lock or Rotating Adapter and various configurations for thumb / finger ring, palm pads and finger grip - optionally with dosage control. In addition, we carry a vacuum syringe with a volume of 30ml to ensusre all your syringe needs.

Our Indeflation syringes are available with either a T-handle or a round handle, with a volume of 20 ml and a pressure resistance of 30 bar or 40 bar.

Medication Syringes