Behind the Scenes at Cadence: Customized Blades

Since 2019, Cadence, a manufacturer of critical components and assemblies for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) applications, is represented by MedNet on the European market. Founded in the USA in 1985 as a sharps manufacturer, Cadence employs over 575 people and is a full-service provider for metals and plastics fabrication along with an industry leading CNC sharpening capability. Join us "behind the scenes" of our new partner: In the first series we are showcasing Cadence’s capabilities for customized blades.

Behind the Scenes I: Customized Blades

The business now known as Cadence, Inc. began in 1985 as a company called Specialty Blades to address the need for high performance, razor sharp, custom-made cutting blades.  Cadence has developed blades for the world's largest medical device manufacturers to produce custom surgical blades (or medical blades) for a range of MIS applications, as well as blades needed for other surgical procedures. Cadence's blades can be shaped and honed precisely through a specialized, multi-step process performed by programmable Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery.

This ability allows Cadence to move beyond the typical steels available in strip form. Also, Cadence has the ability to create unusual or unique edge configurations – perfect for medical device manufacturers (OEMs) in need of custom blades for new product developments.

Because of Cadence‘s ability to create blades of any angle or shape – and the wide range of materials at their disposal – they have grown to become the partner of choice for custom surgical and medical sharps.