Cadence, Inc. is a full-service contract manufacturing partner for medical device and diagnostics companies worldwide.  The services range from initial design through manufacturing and full supply chain management of specialty metal components, complex sub-assemblies, and finished devices. 

Core competencies:

  • Specialty custom sharps – blades and needles
  • Precision laser processing – welding, cutting, drilling, and marking
  • Complex machining – micro, Swiss, LaserSwiss, and PEEK
  • Precision metal stamping
  • Tube fabrication
  • Injection and insert molding
  • Innovative, custom automation and assembly
  • Cleanroom manufacturing and assembly

Cadence’s engineering and new product development teams develop expanded capabilities enabling us to provide unique solutions for our customers’ difficult-to-manufacture products.

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Cadence Corp. Overview

Cadence Device Brochure

Cadence Product Design and Development