New tubing retainers redefine fluid system assembly

30-01-2024 | Muenster – MedNet has expanded its component portfolio with a range of tubing retainers from Nordson Medical. These retainers redefine the way professionals can assemble fluid systems in biopharm processing and high-pressure medical applications with precision, reliability and more user-friendly features. Matthias Heinz, General Manager at MedNet, emphasises: ‘Our aim is to provide bioprocessing industry professionals with superior high-performance components. These tubing retainers show our commitment to innovation and safety.’ 

Key features of the tubing retainers include:

  • 360° compression for leak prevention:
    The tubing retainers feature a lead-in ramp that facilitates complete 360° compression, ensuring a secure seal and effectively prevents the potential for leaks in fluid transfer applications.
  • Security in tube to connector assembly:
    Ensuring a secure grip on tubing, these retainers prevent accidental disconnections or disruptions in fluid flow, contributing to system safety.
  • Wide compatibility:
    Engineered to accommodate a variety of tubing sizes and materials such as Silicone, TPE and PVC, the tubing retainers offer versatility for biopharmaceutical processing and high-pressure medical applications.
  • Quality:
    The tubing retainers are clean room-molded from material that complies with USP Class VI and ISO 10993 standards

We offer the tubing retainers in two sizes which fit on tubing ODs from 6.4 mm to 11 mm and 9.5 mm to 16 mm. Soon, we will have a third option available, suitable for tubing ODs from 16 mm to 29 mm. 

Order a sample of the tubing retainers now and experience the benefits.

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Slavko Hodak

Tel: +49 251 32266-17


Tubing IDs from 3.2 mm to 4.8mm
Tubing ODs from 6.4 mm to 11.1 mm


Tubing IDs from 6.4 mm to 9.5mm
Tubing ODs from 9.5 mm to 15.9 mm

TR80/100-PK (Coming soon)

Tubing IDs from 12.7 mm to 19.0 mm
Tubing ODs from 15.9 mm to 28.6 mm


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