For a clearer view: Compound for manufacture of catheter tubing

With the newest Propell T technology Foster upgrades its Propell product line by enhancing the manufacture of translucent medical devices combined with low friction material characteristics. Beeing especially efficient for polymers with lower durometer, Foster’s Propell platform reduces its naturally high friction.

Polymer compounds produced with Propell are for instance used for tubings in interventional or central venous catheter applications. Beside a high material flexibility these tubes require low friction. Foster’s Propell platform combines exactly these material properties: a smooth polymer with a low friction coefficient. For the corresponding areas of use in vascular systems and for infusion applications a high translucency of the material provides a clearer view to allow medical personnel monitoring transported medias and flow characteristicas.  Medical devices whose polymer components are produced with Propell T technology comply with these requirements. The low friction of the compounds manufactured with Propell improves furthermore manufacturing performance in extruded and injection moulded components.