MedNet's oil-free Tritan™ syringes: No oil residue, more resistance

05-03-2024 | Muenster – With the development of MedNet's oil-free Tritan™ syringes we react to the growing demand for suitable materials for special drugs in healthcare, pharma and other markets such as the beauty industry. Our oil-free syringes are manufactured without silicone oil (SiO), which can cause SiO droplets when the syringe is prefilled with special agents such as HLA fillers, microspheres or cytostatics. To avoid the risk of compromising the patient’s well-being these oil-free syringes are made from drug and lipid resistant Tritan™ material. This makes them ideal for applications such as embolization, denervation, venous sclerotherapy and filler injections.

The syringes combine several advantages that are beneficial for a variety of applications:

  1. Avoiding Oil-Residue: MedNet's oil-free Tritan™ syringes eliminate concerns about fluid interference. They ensure the delivery of substances without the risk of silicone-oil-based residue, prioritizing the safety of procedures. Avoiding silicone-oil residue is especially important for any drug that is stored in the syringe and may interact with the material.
  2. Resistant Tritan™ Material: Tritan™ enhances the durability of these syringes and ensures reliability, as the material is BPA-free and does not crack as easily as PC or glass syringes do. Tritan™ is highly transparent and can be sterilised using EO or Gamma without colour change.
  3. Wings for Enhanced Control: The Tritan™ syringes offer substantial control during procedures. They include wings with a comfortable grip, ensuring steady and precise maneuvers which is critical for filler procedures for example.

Supplied bulk non-sterile*, the syringe is available with seven different plunger colours and volumes ranging between 1 ml to 30 ml and provided with either a Luer Lock or Luer Slip connection. Improve procedures with a product designed to meet the demands of the industry. Order samples or ask for a quotation now to experience MedNet's oil-free Tritan™ syringes.

* CE marking is currently in progress.


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