The trick is the "Click": The new Stopcock snaps in every 45°!

The new multiway stopcock "E-Click" makes life for users easier: The 'click' of the handle after 45° turn from complete opened basic position confirms to the user, that the system is 100% closed and fluids cannot leak or mix. Every next 45° turn, the 'click' indicates that the handle is correctly aligned with the selected position and the respective ports are securly opened or closed.

In addition the innovative handle design enables an improved grip. Developed for infusion therapy, anesthesia and patient monitoring and with a pressure resistance of 3 bar (43.5 PSI), the stopcock is the most pressure-resistant of its type.

The E-Click from manufacturer Elcam Medical is made from especially lipid-resistant polycarbonate. The enhanced material enables a wide range of medications and up to 24 hours duration with the patient. The stopcock as well as the handle is latex-, PVC- and DEHP-free.

The stopcock is available with handle colours in blue, red and white. The ports correspond to the new ISO 80369-7 standard.