MedNet launches a Contrast Controller Handset for the Acist CVI Contrast Delivery System

MedNet is launching a Contrast Controller Handset as a disposable accessory for the proven Acist CVITM Contrast Delivery System. The MedNet Contrast Controller Handset provides individual buttons to activate the automated delivery of contrast media or saline and allows consistent and repeatable activations.  

As an alternative to the OEM component, the launch offers the market an additional supply chain option for the hand controller as well as other related components used: a high-pressure stopcock and a high-pressure PUR braided extension line, both rated to 1200 PSI. All components are available individually CE-marked and bulk non sterile.  

“We are pleased that we can now offer the market an alternative to the traditional solution. Another plus for our customers is that we also have the other components available that are used along with the handset.”

Ole Stein, General Manager at MedNet


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