More CE marked components Discover the benefits with our non-sterile high pressure lines and pressure monitoring lines

"Our CE-marked non-sterile components save kit packers a lot of regulatory effort, time and costs."

Ole Stein, General Manager at MedNet

Our high pressure lines (1200 psi) have been specially developed for cardiology and radiology requirements and are used, for example, for the passage of contrast media and sodium chloride solutions. They are made of DEHP-free PVC or alternatively, fabric-reinforced PUR and are equipped with a female luer lock connector and optionally, with a male luer lock connector or a rotating adapter.

Our pressure monitoring lines (500 psi) can be used for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), computed tomography (CT) and phlebograph applications, e.g. for the injection of contrast media or a sodium chloride solution. They also provide reliable and precise pressure measurement and are made of DEHP-free, transparent PVC. The lines are equipped with a female and male luer lock connector. Variants with two male connectors are also available as an option.

All high pressure and pressure monitoring lines are available in lengths from 15 cm to 250 cm and are supplied with end caps.

In addition to high pressure lines and pressure monitoring lines, we offer a wide range of other non-sterile CE-marked components (e.g. introducers, syringes, needles, valves and valve banks). Discover more CE products in our catalogue.


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