With our partner Foster Corporation, a leading specialist in polymer technologies, we provide medical device manufacturers with high performance polymers and additives for their medical applications including Class I, II and III devices, combination products, and drug delivery applications. We support the entire product life cycle, from new product development through commercialization with custom services that include product selection, material characterization, process engineering, regulatory support, inventory management and logistics. 

Copolymers comprised of soft elastomer and rigid polyamide (nylon) segments which allows for a wide range of physical and mechanical properties by varying the monomer block types and ratios. These plasticizer free, melt processible thermoplastic elastomers are USP Class VI certified and pass ISO 10993. They are sterilization resistant (ETO, steam, gamma), and provide consistent mechanical properties at room and body temperature.

Flexible polyamides (nylons) produced from castor oil, a renewable resource, with low specific gravities (1.03), making them 15% lighter than Nylon 6. Rilsan® polymers offer outstanding ductility, low moisture absorption, and ease of processing. Rilsan® Clear grades are copolyamides that are generally used in flexible components that require transparency. 

Flexible polyamides produced from hydrocarbon that offer the lowest specific gravities (1.01) of all polyamides. Rilsamid® polymers offer outstanding ductility, low moisture absorption and ease of processing by extrusion or injection molding. 

Melt processible fluoropolymers with excellent chemical resistance, high purity, high thermal stability and low friction. Unlike other fluoropolymers, Kynar® has high tensile strength and excellent resistance to permeation and radiation.  These polymer are USP Class VI certified and can be gamma or steam sterilized. 

Melt processible thermoplastics available in rigid and flexible grades. These polymers are designed for medical applications and are available with and without the use of di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) plasticizers, which has been associated with leaching and disposal concerns. TPV® OVC polymers can be sterilized using steam, radiation and ethylene oxide (ETO) methods.

Semi-crystalline, semi-aromatic polyamide comprised of meta-xylene diamine that offers superior mechanical strength over Nylon 6 and 6/6, with substantially less moisture absorption. MX-Nylon also offers superior gas barrier properties against oxygen and carbon dioxide for packaging applications. 

Crystalline polymethylpentene based olefin copolymer that is inherently transparent and offers the lowest specific gravity (0.83) of all commercially available thermoplastics. Inherently low surface tension of these olefin polymers make them ideally suited for release films and mandrels. 

Aromatic thermoplastic polyurethanes available in polyether and polyester grades. Fully automated, continuous reaction production provides lot-to-lot consistency for grades ranging in Shore hardness from 75A to 70D. USP VI biocompatibility grades are available. 

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