Bioprocess Components

For over 30 years, MedNet has been providing the bioprocess industry with single-use component and material solutions for fluid management systems, as well as bioreactors. Our broad portfolio includes sanitary fittings, tubing, tube fittings, quick connectors, valves and other bioprocess components from well-known manufacturers. These are suitable for applications such as gene and cell therapy, filtration, fermentation, drug delivery or vaccine production. 

Our high-quality components ensure secure leak-free connections, meet the industry requirements of ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14644-1 and are cleanroom manufactured. In addition, we provide regulatory documentation to fulfil all of the industry needs.

Most of our standard range is available from stock, enabling fast and straight-forward deliveries. 
Our qualified and experienced team posseses a wealth of knowledge covering applications, quality management and regulatory requirements.

We understand that every project is unique and that there may not be a standard, one-size-fits-all solution. With our customised approach, you stay in control of the entire process and we remain flexible throughout to make adjustments if needed.

The highest quality components for a reliable and leak free tube connection. Product range includes straight through connectors, reducers, elbows, panel mounts, T’s, Y’s, multiport connectors and press in plugs.

Bag ports are designed to be ultrasonic or thermal welded to medical and bioreactor bags for media and fluid applications in the biopharmaceutical industry. 

Sanitary fittings are used in single-use container fluid transport systems, manifolds and wherever sensitive fluids need to be transferred.

These components are manufactured for applications requiring the highest sanitary standards and chemical purity. Our clamps are easily operated with one hand.

These components are manufactured for applications requiring the highest sanitary standards and chemical purity.

A selection of materials to suit a wide range of applications: Silicone, TPE, KFlex Kynar®, PUR, LLDPE, PVC.

Designed to effortlessly secure tubing over hose barbs.

Large portfolio of pressure activated check valves and luer-activated valves.

Comprehensive portfolio of different connectors and quick connect couplings, including valved or open-flow thumb latch technology, straight and elbow connectors or a barbed. threaded or bioprocess connection.

With our network of leading technology suppliers for polymers, polymeric compounds and precious metal alloys we can serve  standard material to an individually customized solution especially developed for use in a specific applications. 

Are you struggling to find the right solution for your project? If you are looking for a special assembly or components that can optimise your production line, we can offer you a broad portfolio of fluid management components as well as a network of service providers to make your customised solution a reality! Choose from our broad portfolio and let us support you in implementing your solution.