Non sterile CE marked versions available for our introducers and scalpels

MedNet lately expanded its portfolio of non sterile CE marked components: We have added introducers and scalpels to our existing range of angiography and infusion components available CE marked, non sterile.  

Why would you need a CE mark
for non sterile components?

According to article 12 MDD (after May 2020 article 22 MDR) providers of custom procedure trays (kitpackers) are only able to use CE marked components. MedNet provides non sterile CE marked components which reduce waste, costs, regulatory burden and time in comparison to use sterile CE marked products to complete your kit.

MedNet‘s non sterile introducer and scalpel options

The introducer line from MedNet offers high-quality arterial introducers. Provided in radial and femoral versions in common sizes, the radial versions in sizes 5 and 6 French are additionally available with a hydrophilic coating. 

MedNet's disposable scalpels, suitable for all surgical procedures, are available in a wide selection of common blade figures and with long or short handle. In addition we offer safety scalpels for blade figures 10 and 11 and a stich cutter. All scalpels are equipped with ultrasharp stainless steel blades.