Nuestra oferta incluye un amplio surtido de válvulas de retención para la gestión de fluidos sin agujas como válvulas Luer y válvulas activadas por presión con diversas presiones de apertura.

Además, ofrecemos también conectores Y-PTCA para la angiografía intervencionista en las versiones “Tuohy Borst” ,“Push Rotate” y “Push-Click”; opcionalmente con líneas de extensión y llaves (45psi).

Specialty and regular Luer-activated valves provide one way maximum protection against backflow.


  • Haemostasis valve for catheter applications
  • Drug mixing of aggressive drugs
  • Pump ports and access ports for fluid lines (largely been replaced by needle free valves)

Needle free valves provide a simple two way valve that allow for easier access to pass fluids in external fluid systems. They also help to eliminate the risk of needle stick injuries.


  • IV administration sets
    Blood sampling lines
  • Invasive blood pressure monitoring lines
  • PICC / Midline catheter ports
  • Central Venous Catheter (CVC) ports
  • Total Intra Venous Anesthesia (TIVA)
  • Venipuncture closur
  • Endoscopy flush port
  • Laparoscopic flush port
  • Acts as a Luer activated valve
  • Bioreactor tubing ports and bioprocess tube systems

Dual Check Valves allows refilling from only the primary line and aspiration to only the secondary line.


  • Waste protection stations
  • Saline / Contrast lines
  • Auto refill syringes

Pressure-activated valves automatically close the fluid line below the opening (cracking) pressure and thus prevent the backflow of liquids. They are available with different Inlet- and Outlet options: Luer-to-Tube, Luer-to-Luer, Thread-to-Tube and Tube-to-Tube connections.

Check valves provide fluid control in one direction only. 


  • Infusion Pump fluid delivery sets to prevent back flow
  • Infusion pump / gravity fluid sets to prevent back flow
  • Placing two in line check valves allows giving sets to be used patient to patient where clinical guidelines allow.

The PTCA connector allows easy insertion of PTCA guidewires and catheters with the possibility of one hand open and close operation. It enables a clean and safe application while minimizing backflow of blood.


  • Reduce blood loss during Percutaneous Coronary Interventions / diagnostics

Tuohy Borst Adapters provide secure closure around devices passed through the ports, alternatively they can minimize back flow during placement of devices. 


  • Reduce blood loss on OEM catheters for applications like Atherectomy, thrombectomy, catheter ablation, external direct access catheter ports
  • Endoscopy port seals – reduce loss of fluid and gas.
  • Laser fibre access ports for varicose / peripheral vein closure.