MedNet Technology Postings

MedNet Technology Postings 2020

Get insights, technical background and practical advice for the production of your specific medical device. We present our experts. 

July, 9

How the CE on the unsterile Component can save Custom Procedure Tray providers’ time, effort and money

Graham Oakey, MedNet

July, 23

Sharps expertise for medical devices – How sharp do you need it?

Chip Harvill, Cadence Inc. 

August, 6

The 3 Ws’ for an effective Medical Device Design Transfer Process:
Why, When, Who

Shlomi Rom, Quasar Medical Device Manufacturer

August, 20

Customizing elastomers for peak performance in medical devices
Bill Bruck, Da/Pro Rubber

Sept., 3

Electrical contacts: an introduction of design tools and guidance
Dr. Peter Hale, Deringer-Ney

Sept., 17

Recommended Polymer Technologies for High Performance Catheters
Dr. Lawrence Acquarulo, Foster Corporation