Safe & Simple – Reduce the backflow with our new Tuohy Borst Adapters

We are excited to offer you a safe and easy solution for the insertion of medical instruments such as catheters with our new Tuohy Borst Adapters. The Tuohy Borst adapter enables access and placement of devices while helping to reduce backflow of gas or fluids. This makes it suitable for a wide range of interventional and diagnostic applications:

  • Helps reduce blood loss from OEM catheters by using a Tuohy-Borst adapter
  • Helps reduce the loss of gas and fluids at endoscopy access ports by using a Tuohy Borst adapter
  • Use the Tuohy Borst adapter as a laser or RF device access port for the closure of varicose and peripheral veins
  • Add our Touhy Borst Adaptor with side port to a Y PTCA adaptor to create a Double Y adaptor without having to remove the original Y-PTCA connector

In addition to our standard Tuohy Borst Adapter, we offer a model with female Luer Lock or 15cm extention line with female Luer Lock side access, this allows the infusion of solutions with simultaneous insertion of a catheter or device.

The Tuohy Borst Adapter expands our broad portfolio of valves, which also includes Luer Activated Valves, Needleless Valves, Dual Check Valves, Pressure Activated Valves and Y-PTCA Connectors.


9 French, 3,1mm (Male Luer Lock) 


9 French, 3,1mm (Male Luer Lock), Sideport (Female Luer Lock)


9 French, 3,1mm (Male Luer Lock), Sideport (15cm extension line with Female Luer Lock)


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