Longer needle for obese patients

The Seldinger technique is often used to gain percutaneous access for interventional or diagnostic procedures: The Seldinger needle punctures the artery and allows passage of a guidewire into the vessel. The correct position of the needle is critical to reduce trauma on the vessel and cutaneous layer. But more and more often, patients are obese and the length of the needle is not sufficient to ensure a correct placement. With its extended cannula, our Seldinger needles solve this problem as they can penetrate through a larger cutaneous layer to reach the vessel. 

Our Seldinger needles come in proven quality made of easy-glide 304 stainless steel. A thin-walled tube and high-precision bevel provides excellent penetration with minimal risk of injury to the inner vessel wall. The extended cannula for the 18G needle (for femoral access) increases the usable length to 11cm, common sizes are 7cm, the cannula for the 21G needle (for radial access) increases the usable length to 7cm, common sizes are 4cm.


18Gx11cm Seldinger needle with removable wings


21Gx7cm Seldinger needle without wings