MedNet invests in a sustainable future and becomes climate neutral in 2022

MedNet has been certified a climate-neutral company by independent certifying organisation Climate Extender. An interdisciplinary project team determined the CO2 footprint at MedNet with the objective to permanently reduce operational emissions. The company will continue to closely monitor the impact of its operations including factors such as energy and water consumption, but also the commuting behavior of its 50 employees, which will be annually compensated.  
Managing Director Ole Stein emphasizes that this is an important step towards the future for the company, which was founded back in 1990: "Climate protection is not only a trend,
but is part of the responsibility of every company. We are proud to make a contribution to climate protection and also see it as a competitive advantage that we can pass on as added value not only to our customers but also to our employees." 
To compensate emissions, MedNet has invested in designated climate protection projects: to protect the rainforest in the Amazon, wildlife and forests in various protected areas in
Zimbabwe, and to generate renewable energy with a run-of-river hydro-electric power plant in Indonesia. All projects support the UN's climate targets for sustainable reduction of
greenhouse gases. The MedNet project team is now working on new measures to improve the CO2 balance. These range from active supplier management to job bikes for employees. 


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