Partner Cadence Completes Pennsylvania Facility Expansion with Cleanroom Class 7 (10.000)

Our partner Cadence Inc., a leading manufacturer of medical and drug delivery devices, announced today the completion of its Product Realization CenterTM expansion located in Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania. The facility now totals 42.000-square-feet (3.900 sqare meter).  Construction is currently underway to double the size of its Class 7 (10000) cleanroom with a completion date set for mid-December 2022.

“We have chosen all materials, equipment, and building designs that duplicate the current cleanroom space,” stated Mark Carper, Director of Operations at Cadence’s Pennsylvania facility.  “Construction is planned to minimize downtime of the current cleanroom by building the additional cleanroom adjacent to the existing space.”

The entire cleanroom space will be re-certified to our controls and ISO Class 7 standards by December 11th


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