Engineered Metal Components

Deringer-Ney is a leading manufacturer of precision device components and develops custom alloys for the medtech and other industries. Its manufacturing capabilities include, forming, cold heading, stamping, insert-moulding and assembly. Within the medical device sector Deringer-Ney is specialized in catheter tips, implant and hearing aid components. Manufacturing excellence in these application is supported by the development of custom biocompatible alloys. 

For other industrial applications Deringer-Ney is your partner for any kind of electrical contact components and custom precious metal alloys. Experience supplying the automotive and appliance sectors has allowed Deringer-Ney to create numerous low cost production processes to support large volume applications. 

Utitec is specialized in deep drawn, stamped and machined components as well as a wide range of secondary processes from surface treatment to cleanroom assembly and packaging.  

Cadence provides specialty metal components and sub-assemblies for critical products using diverse techniques and state-of-the-art technologies. The flexible manufacturing processes enable product designers and engineers to fully leverage their creativity and design requirements.


  • Cold Forming 
  • Cutting
  • Deep Drawing and Forming of Wires and Tubes
  • Machining (CNC Milling, Turning, PEEK)
  • Laser Fabrication (Welding, Cutting, Drilling, Marking, LaserSwiss, Machining)
  • Piercing and Slotting, Tube Notching, Pointing and Sharpening (Blades and Tubes)
  • Tube Bending and End Forming
  • Tube Flaring and Flanging
  • Tube Swaging
  • Stamping 
  • Surface Treatment: Passivation, (Electro-)Polishing, Grinding (ECG), Heat treatment, Electro-Chemical Edge Enhancement, Photo Etching, Deburring, EDM, Bright Annealing
  • Cleanroom Assembly & Packaging

Product Examples

  • Catheter components: Tips, Wedges, Tubes, Catheter and Stent markers
  • Dental implant components: Abutments, Implants, Implant holders 
  • Electrical components: Sensor components, Temperature sensor covers, (Hearing aid)-High performance contacts,  Micro connectors, Contact pins
  • Surgical components: Blades, Knife Assemblies, Needles & Cannulas, Scissors, Scalpels

  • Aerospace: Precious Metal Alloys for satellites, aircraft and driving components and further applications where the stakes are high
  • Automotive: Sliding Contacts, Slip Rings, Fuel level sensors and other current sensing devices
  • Appliance: electrical contacts for smart water meters, thermostats, control knobs for hot tubs and other power appliction
  • Energy: electrical contact systems, commutation slip ring components, electrical contacts for smart meter technologies and other power control applications
  • Semiconductors: Noble metal alloys in wire, rod and foil form. Buckling beam and cantilever probes, Pogo Pins and Sockets
  • Other components: Support tubes for staple systems, Micro gas cylinders for air, Miniature screws, machined test probes 


Stainless Steels, Carbon Steel, Titanium Alloys, Niobium, Tantalum, Aluminum, Copper, Nickel, Precious Metals and Precious Metals Alloys (e.g. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Pd based Paliney®, Au based Neyoro®, Pt/Ir), further Alloys (e.g. Be Cu, Brass, Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel)

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