Custom Alloy Development

With our partner Deringer-Ney, a technology leader in the development of new Platinum Group Metal alloys, we are able to serve the demands of the medical world from applications in the dental implant field over cardiac pacemakers to implantable and electrical contacts.

Materials for Sliding Electrical Contacts and Slip Ring Brushes
These materials typically exhibit a combination of low contact resistance, excellent corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength.
•    Paliney 5, Paliney 6, Paliney 7, Paliney 8, Pal 2000
•    Neyoro 75, Neyoro K, Neyoro G, Neyoro28 and 28A

Materials for Interventional and Implantable Medical Devices
Materials for Interventional and implantable applications normally have a specific combination of application demands such as strength, radiopacity, biocompatibility and reasonable cost.
•    Invivo Family: Paliney 500, Paliney 1100
•    PtIr, PtNi, Gold alloys

Material for Dental Implants Restoration
Custom alloys used for cast on Dental Implant restorations require specific melting temperature, mechanical strength and thermal expansion.
•    6019
•    Neyoro H

For further and detailed information please get in touch with us. Our sales team will assist you in finding materials with properties corresponding to your needs.