Precious Metal Components

With Deringer-Ney, a leading manufacturer of precision Medical Device Components and dental implant components we provide numerous parts for diverse medical applications including hearing aids, dental implants, endoscopic devices, drug delivery, interventional therapies and implantable devices.

These components typically exhibit a combination of extremely small size, excellent corrosion resistance, biocompatibility, precision tolerances and mechanical strength properties. Those requirements can be met with our excellent material and process capacities:

To meet material requirements of medical projects, we offer a wider range of custom biocompatible alloys of Platinum, Gold, and Palladium and specialize in the creation of new medical alloys to meet specific requirements for mechanical strength, long term implantable biocompatibility and MRI compatibility.

Depending on your project we offer a wide range of processes for the creation of medical parts, micro machining with tolerances of <.0003", cold forming, micro injection molding, micro insert molding, precision stamping, micro stamping and micro forming. We also manufacture miniature precision electrical connectors for both interventional and human implantable applications.

Capabilities & Products

  • Medical Machining
  • Medical Micro Components
  • Hearing Aid Components and Materials
  • Machined Dental Implant Components
  • Dental Implant Abutments and Screws
  • Thin Metal Stampings
  • Insert Molded Components

Contact us and we find hand in hand with our partners the optimal solution for material and process requirements of your medical project.