Deringer-Ney, Inc. is global leader in invention and application of custom precious metal alloys and precision machined, stamped, insert molded and wireformed components. 

In the medical industry we serve manufacturer for dental implant materials and components as well as for interventional, implantable and hearing aid devices. For more than 50 years, Deringer-Ney has been a reliable partner for the medical industry. As a manufacturer, we provide the High Performance Alloys, Precision Metal Components, and Precision Insert Moulded Components that make great devices.

Qualified with IATF16949 certification we provide the automotive industry with sliding contacts for potentiometers, slip rings, fuel level sensors, and other current sensing devices. 

Another specification of Deringer-Ney is the development of precious metal alloys for the semiconductor test industry. Deringer-Ney produces several palladium based alloys used widely in wafer and package test probes, including buckling beam and cantilever probes as well as pogo pins and sockets. Our newest alloy HC3 is higher in conductivity and material hardness. 

For the harsh environmental conditions found in aerospace and military applications Deringer-Ney‘s products are key components in mission-critical systems found in satellites, aircraft, and even driving far and wide on the surface of Mars.

Furthermore Deringer-Ney designs custom alloys and manufactures application-specific electrical contact systems for a wide range of applications including commutation slip ring components used in wind turbines, electrical contacts used in smart meter technology, and countless other power control applications. Electrical contacts for power applications and appliance controls are further used for smart water meters, thermostats, and a variety of control knobs for hot tubs and other power applications. As an engineering and development partner, we provide the expertise to make those devices the most efficient and economical they can be.

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