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Superior components, and the expertise to turn those components into superior products - all in one place. That's Deringer-Ney. Your single source for total component and assembly solutions.

For more than 50 years, Deringer-Ney has been a reliable partner for the medical industry. As a manufacturer, they provide the High Performance Alloys, Precision Metal Components, and Precision Insert Molded Components that make great devices. As an engineering and development partner, they provide the expertise to make those devices the most efficient and economical they can be.

Components manufactured by Deringer-Ney are currently used in the following medical applications: Hearing Aids, Cardiac Management Products, Dental Implants, Devices for Endoscopy, Drug Delivery and Neurosurgery.


Product Development & Design Assistance

Deringer-Ney's on-site materials scientists, including mechanical, electrical and manufacturing engineers, have decades of experience designing precision components and assemblies of all types and are available to help optimize your parts performance, ease of manufacture and cost. A rough sketch or drawing is all thats needed to get the process started. Let Deringer-Ney help you design your next component and assembly.

As proficient as they are with high-volume production, they also understand the need for economically produced, small quantity parts - especially at the start of a new program. The Prototype Department will bring your concept and design to life with quick turn-around and custom tooling.

"On-time and under budget" is the motto of Deringer-Ney's Project Management Team. With state-of-the-art in-house tooling, design, testing and building facilities at their disposal, they'll take any size program from design to PPAP to production ramp-up quickly, efficiently and economically. Regular design and project reviews assure your project stays on-track and on schedule.


Custom Alloy Development

Standard alloys don't meet your requirements? Let us - together with Deringer-Ney - help! Their metallurgical staff can tailor a custom alloy to meet your specific needs.

The Deringer-Ney Research group is internationally recognized for its innovative materials solutions to our customers most challenging problems. They are constantly offering new and creative materials solutions to the most vexing electrical contact and material design issues faced by you.

Materials used:

Palladium (Paliney®), Platinum (Alloys), Iridium, Gold (Neyoro®), Silver (Alloys), 6019 (Au/Pt/Pd/Ir), 8010, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Niobium, Nickel, Brass, Beryllium Copper.


Precious Metal Fine Wire, Foils, Strip

Deringer-Ney produces precious metal fine wire from less than .001" (0.025 mm) in diameter, and foil, tape and strip from .001" (0.025 mm). Lengths range from miniature cut pieces to continuous reels. Flat, half-round and custom configurations are also available. In additions to fine wire, rod stock is available in sizes in excess of .250" (6.35 mm).


Precision Metal Components

  • Wire Forms and Coils
  • Stamped and Formed Components
  • Electrical Contact Rivets
  • Multi Slide Metal Forms
  • Brazing, Welding and Joining Dissimilar Materials
  • Precision Screw Machined Parts

MICROmfg Precision Cold-Formed Components

MICROmfg is an incredibly fast, efficient and cost-effective process that offers unsurpassed materials utilization. Parts can be made to net or near-net shape with little or no scrap, from diameters of less than .015" (.38mm), with dimensional tolerances of +/- .0005 (.013mm). MICROmfg not only makes miniaturization possible, it offers enhanced grain flow and work hardening, resulting in stronger, more reliable parts.


Precision Insert Molding

Deringer-Ney has a long and distinguished history producing injection-molded components. Ultra-small components produced to tight tolerances are their specialty. Parts are available in reel-to-reel or singulated form. Complex metal components produced by Deringer-Ney or consigned by customers are insert-molded into final assemblies. For high volume applications, their automation group can design fully automated moving cells to produce components at the lowest possible cost.


Contract Manufacturing & High Level Assemblies

While many of our customers once performed their own assembly or insert-molding operations, we offer comparable services of the highest quality in co-operation with Deringer-Ney, for a lower expected overall cost. Case in point, Deringer-Ney's recently expanded facility in Nogales, Mexico which provides precision stamping, molding, resistance welding and assembly operations - for both Deringer-Ney's or our customers' metal components. Operations at the Nogales facility are geared specifically to assembly and secondary operations, with an eye toward efficiency and overall savings. The facility is registered to ISO 9002 and utilizes our companywide Quality Systems.


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   Shows / Events:
Medical Technology Ireland 2017, September 27th to 28th
Compamed, Düsseldorf: 13.-16. November 2017

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